Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jimmy Dean 1-800-Complaint

This is a complaint made to the Jimmy Dean 800 number. It contains some cussing but I sat and laughed for 10 minutes over this. Heck, I'm still laughing! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaa!!!

oh gosh..deep breath..
hahahaaaaa!!!!HAR HAR

(my simple mind is sooo easily amused..)


  1. As a man with a regular sausage. Wrong. Start again.

    As a man who prefers a regular sausage. Wrong. Start again.

    I can't bleedin' win here.

    Carol!!!! Come up here a minute!!!

    Carol : I prefer a regular sausage....

    4D : This isn't working...

    Carol : Why? What have I said?

    We're going to bed now. It's safer there...;-)

    Carol : Nite nite then


    How can I possibly comment on a regular sausage???

    That is a very unfair post.

    So there.


    Nite babe x

  2. Hahaha!! G'nite to both you and Carol.

  3. That is sort of cute but I never buy it, it's too damn expensive for me and I don't think it's that good anyway.

    I have three of those old fashioned hand crank grinders, being a country hick I would, one attachment even turns nuts into nut butter better than the peanut butter you buy these days.

    Anyway, those old hand grinders and a few spices turn the stray dogs here into better sausage than most of the crap you can buy in stores these days. :-)

  4. My mom had a grinder and her sausage was great but I'm older now and realize that some of the stuff she put in it was not meant for me to put in my mouth! I love JD sausage but only cook it once in a great while because of the fat content.


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