Monday, January 4, 2010

Rodrigo y Gabriela

About two weeks ago, we hired a quiet young man named Chris. He's an introspective kind of guy, my son's age (20) who talks little and would not stand out in a crowd in any way. In fact, I'm pretty sure he chooses to fade into the background, wherever he is. But he caught my interest one morning, not too long ago, when he came to work carrying a guitar case.

I am a sucker for this instrument. You play it, I am there, listening to your licks, watching your fingers. I grew up with a father who was a genius on the guitar so my love for it comes naturally.

I do not remember, offhand, what brand it was, only that it was a beautiful guitar and had a deep resonant sound to it. I watched Chris take it out of the case and strum it. I looked at this red haired young fellow play, his face lit up, his fingers moving rapidly over the frets. And he became my new best friend.

We talked a bit about guitars and players and our favorites and he wrote this on a scrap of paper and handed it to me:

Rodrigo y Gabriela.

"When you go home, look them up on youtube." he said.

So I did. And when I did that, I sat in my chair and wondered how in the world did I miss these two guitarists? Here's what I found:

And this made my knees buckle:

I could be happy sitting for the rest of my life, listening to these two.


  1. This is truly astonishing guitar work, Beej. Please thank your young friend for putting us onto these two.

  2. arent they amazing to listen to when you have someone who knows what they are doing???

  3. That was what I call ear candy.

  4. Aren't they wonderful? I'm glad y'all enjoy them as much as I do.

    I looked up their tour schedule in hopes that theyll eventually find their way to southern Alabama (What was I thinking?!) but it seems they'll spend all of this year in Australia, Japan and various parts of Europe.. oh well, I'll just have to go buy their CD.

  5. About a million years ago I was interested in music but that interest got side tracked. Now the only instrument I can play is... Oh, never mind.

    But I'm not bad at Karaoke.

  6. I have never 'done''karaoke in my life! But it looks like fun.

  7. Excellent stuff!! You heard him play yet?

  8. as opposed to strumming of course?

  9. i haven't had the opportunity to really hear Chris play but I have a feeling he's good.

  10. Omgee these two are AWESOME!!! <3


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