Sunday, December 20, 2009


Today we took my daughter's birthstone ring to the jewelers to have the stone remounted. This ring was a gift to her from her grandmother, one given to her not long before gramma passed away, so Shannon was nothing short of devastated when the stone fell out.

This post is not about my daughter's ring, however; it is about another. the sales lady asked me if I would like to see 'something pretty' and slipped a rock onto my finger. It was a bit too ostentatious for my taste.

"How much is it?" we asked.

"$149,900." she replied.


"Take this thing off of my finger NOW!"

We literally ran out of the door. (

Who in their right mind would spend $150,000 on a ring? At first I laughed but then I got angry. There are so many starving kids in this world, so many many people who do not have food in their bellies or a roof over their heads. Do you know how many pairs of shoes that kind of money could buy?

I do not know why I took this so to heart. I had asked the clerk if she had ever sold one like that. Her answer?

"yes. In fact I have one being sized right now."

"That's a sin." I thought to myself but I didn't say it out loud.

Disgustingly sinful.


  1. Stuff like that really bothers me but don't get me started, you know how I get.

    I gave my grandmas engagement ring to my son to give to his love, of the time. When they broke up she wouldn't return it to him, that sucked.

  2. Oh Billy, that is soooo wrong. Terrible.

  3. As Sun Ra said, "There are other worlds they have not told you of". There are people who think nothing of dropping that kind of change on a bobble.

  4. Ad it's such a pitiful thing, Mister Anchovy because there is so much good that could be donw with it.

    It wasnt even pretty; it was so big that it looked like it came out of a bubble gum machine.

  5. I believe it's a sin too.

    I once made a post that everyone should donate their diamond rings to Africa.

  6. Candy, I thought it was awful the time I saw a $10,000 chandalier, and I do understand loving your diamond engagement ring. What I do not understand is how anyone can want something like a $150,000 ring. Or an outrageously priced house or car. So many people are suffering from hunger. Hunger hurts. Hunger kills. I am so sick and tired of greedy people with screwed up priorities.

    Btw, I just heard about a weight watchers chapter; for every pound the members lose, they donate a pound of canned food to a soup kitchen. That's outstanding and I hope the idea spreads.

  7. Being as you brought up soup kitchens, for a few years my research involved standing in line in soup kitchen lines, boy, that sure was an education.

    I've never worked in a soup kitchen though, just the food bank for one day, and for a few years I cooked a Friday night Friendship Dinner for a hundred people once a month.

  8. Too make a long story short, a soup kitchen line has a great mix in it. About 40% there really need the help for a while until they get new footing. The other 60% are just worthless bottom feeders living off of the fat of the land.

    Shoot, I've stood in soup kitchen lines with Mensa members and other very intelligent people that society has fucked with, no one is immune.

  9. Wow, Billy, you cooked for a hundred people? I've never worked in a soup kitchen but I have volunteered to help the homeless. My kids were even involved with that; they would gather up such things as samples of toothpaste and other various things and put together little bags of stuff to hand out.
    I've met some people who have worked hard all their lives only to find themselves, due to different circumstances, living on the street or in a car. But hunger is an entirely different thing.

  10. Oh my goodness.. Yikes.. I love jewelry but not for that price.. You are so right about kids here and in other countries needing food for that price.... Yikes..

  11. Its just appalling, isnt it, Tweetey.


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