Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bugs. May They All Rest in Peace.

I am a lover of living creatures. For instance, you should all know by now how I feel about lizards. I mean, even my blog is dedicated to them by its very title. And I own two large dragons, indigenous to Australia. Even snakes have a place within my heart; put a large snake or a lizard or an armadillo in my yard and I'm in my glory. Add a fox or a large turtle and I am in heaven.

There are exceptions to my love for living creatures however. And I can sum them up in one word; bugs.

I hate bugs. Even ladybugs. Maybe especially ladybugs. (of course, the real list topper is the grasshopper, but that's beyond hate; that's a phobia..thank you, Eddie Margarvo. I still hate you)..We once went through a ladybug invasion; hundreds of thousands of them landed on the sides of every building, including my house. People double checked their meals in order to pick out the little red buggers before taking a bite and more often than not, would find them in their sandwiches. Window ledges everywhere were covered with the corpses of them. It was horrible.

Second in line on my list of most hated insects would be flies. From everything I've heard, whenever they land, they poop and barf. I do not care how small the amount might be. Poop is poop and barf is barf and I do not want them near my food. It doesn't matter to me how much they might adore our poop and barf..the feeling could not be further from mutual. I want them all dead. ASAP.

A close third is the ant, disgusting little lumpy balls of pure energetic filth. God, I hate them. I have a bug man (Jim) who comes monthly to spray my house and yard and what is the only bug to persist? Yup. The ant.

I have a cousin who loves to email me crap. And most of it, I delete immediately. But recently he sent me a video of an ant hill. I do not know why I watched it. But I did and it's appalling. Y'all know how much I love to share appalling stuff with you, so here it is. Enjoy:

How disgusting is THAT???


  1. ladybugs? grasshoppers? awwwwwww...they're great!!

    I remember a huge stag beetle flying over my garden one year. It was so huge it's wings hardly kept it flying. It clipped a fence post and weaved off into next doors garden. Amazing sight that was.

    Happy New Year babe x

  2. I'm afraid to watch that video! I can't bring myself to press play.

    I like insects from afar. Near me? I've been known to squeal.

    I think it's a totally appropriate emotion to be afraid ot dislike insects...I mean our survival depends on proceeding with cautioon, no?

    I remember when I realized how creepy a butterfly can look. In the past I was all I love them...then I saw it's little bug body. Changed my tune. No really, bugs are okay as long as I see them before they see me. Thats all. ha ha

    And I don't eat lobster or shrimp or crabs.

    hey...the weird thing is I grew up eating them, loved them. then I realized oh my god they're sea bugs!!!

    If they are cleverly disguized in butter sauce I will eat a crab. Or a shrimp. No lobster for me though...huge cockroach!


  3. I will pass on the video. I hate ants and the movie Killer Ants and anything with the thought.... Gross as they are...I am feeling loads better. I am in the process of cleaning my house finally... It has fallen apart in the three weeks I havent been able to do a thing... Happy New Year Beej and family...

  4. Four, I would have been in the house with the door locked faster than you can say "killthebigbug!!!"
    Happy New Year to you too!

    Candy, I try to think of crab as a multi legged chicken; I love it so. I dont think I could ever give it up.

    Tweetey! Im so glad you are feeling bettter! Happy New Year to you too!

  5. How can you possibly find that disgusting? Those tiny, tiny bugs are geniuses- they have a natural inclinatio to build things that took us thousands of years to come up with. While I don't like being bitten, I don't mind them, and I thought this video actually was a fabulous portrayal of how amazing and beautiful the natural world can be. GO ANTS!


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