Saturday, December 19, 2009

Weird Weirder Weirdest

Last night I grabbed my book and began to read in front of the tv. It didn't take long for me to fall asleep. I awoke in the wee hours of the morning and one of those true life documentaries was on television. I became totally engrossed. It was the weirdest thing I had ever heard of, so weird that when I woke up again this morning, I googled it to see if I had dreamed it. It took me a long time to find anything on it (mostly because I had the wrong tv channel) but, find it I did.

There was a middle aged family man, very average, on the dumpy side sort of guy, who met an eighteen year old beautiful blonde high school girl on an online game site. This guy told the girl he was an eighteen year old Marine named Tommy who was about to be deployed. He sent a photo pf a young handsome, rugged soldier and told Jessi it was his photo. This continued for months, the older, grungy man and the unsuspecting gorgeous young girl.

After a while,, Jessi sent Tommy a package. Unfortunately, Tommy's wife got it first. It was some very sheer red thongs. it didnt take long for his wife, Cindy, to put two and two together and Tommy confessed to her. Cindy felt it was her duty to contact Jessi and spill the beans, explaining that Tom was really almost fifty, and was a family man.

Jessi was furious. She badgered Tommy with a nonstop insulting messages. He apologised profusely but assured her that his love was the real deal.

Tom had a coworker who really was eighteen, named Brian. Now, I must have dozed off for a few minutes because I missed just how Brian ended up involved with Jessi online, but he did. And guess what happened...THEY became involved. Well, this just sent Tom over the edge. He ended up hating Brian.

To give the devil his due, Tom did try to break free from Jessi, but she would not leave him alone, writing that Tommy lived within Tom and she could never stop loving the fantasy of 'Tommy.' Meanwhile, shes telling Brian just how much she hates Tom.

Tom catches wind that Jessi and Brian are having a fling. He begins to tell Jessi he is going to kill Brian. It got so bad that Jessi's mom got involved, messaging Tom to leave her daughter alone.

Then one evening, Brian headed out the door from his place of work. He got to his truck and sure enough, Tom shot and killed him. The police did their little investigative thingy, found out all that was going on. They got themselves an arrest warrant, but Tom was GONE!!

The police in West Virginia, where Jessie lived, were contacted and went over to the girl's house to make sure she hadn't been harmed also. The door was answered by Jessi's mom who broke down weeping, admitting that SHE HAD BEEN THE ONE TALKING TO TOM ALL ALONG! and Jessi, who really was her daughter, had no idea that her mother had been posing as her and had been sending her photo to men over the net.

Here is a photo of Tom (on the top) and Brian (bottom.)

I cannot find a photo of either Jessi or her mother but the daughter is indeed a beautiful girl and the mother is overweight, unkempt and very unattractive.

So, eighteen year old Brian is dead. Tom is in prison. And where is Jessi's mom? at home. Same as always. They had no charges to bring against her because they had no proof that she had instigated Brian's death.

Weird. Weird weird weird.


  1. Read in front of the TV, hell, I live in a 12 X 15 foot room, everything I do is in front of the TV, but I seldom turn it on and it's not hooked up to a cable or dish and such.

    And the internut takes up so much of my time here that I do most of my reading when I'm camping, and I'm sure looking forward to my next camping trip in a few more days.

  2. Billy, I would rather read, myself. How long will you be gone camping?


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