Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

All the young people who have invaded my home this Christmas Day have gone to the movies. They are have gone to see 'Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel.' And yes, I was invited but declined to go.

Instead, I am taking this time to browse a book I bought yesterday with a gift certificate from my bookstore.

This is one of those massive coffee table books, called 'EARTH.' It must weigh 20 lbs. But it's worth its weight in gold.

Oh, what a beautiful book. It's an atlas but more. I LOVE maps of all sorts anyway, but this book has the most spectacular photographs I have ever seen in an atlas. I have been lusting over this book for a while now so it's like a treasure to me and I love it. Here is a video I found on this atlas, to give you some idea about how magnificent it is and it allows you to see some of the phenomenal photos. Of course, I do not own the first edition, leather bound one. I own the blue one that is mentioned here within:


This is the first Christmas in memory where I had to awaken the 'kids' rather than the other way around. (How sad is that!) But when the clock hit 8am, I could not stand it any longer and so I got them up.

After the exchanging of gifts, we had out traditional Christmas breakfast:

cooled and crumbled cornbread
bacon drippings

fry bacon. remove from pan. Drain grease, leaving some
drippings in the pan. Crumble cornbread and fry until
crisp. Put on plate and top with over easy fried eggs.

Simple. Yup. But then you break up the egg and mix it into the cornbread and serve bacon on the side. YUmmmmm.

After breakfast, I went back to bed. leaving everyone else to play new games on the wii.

When the young people return from the movies, we will have dinner. Then that's it until next year.

Good Christmas. Day is almost done.
Ah, me.


  1. Merry Christmas !
    Sounds a good move to have avoided that movie :)
    See if you can find me in your book.

  2. Merry Christmas, Sheila! Good idea...I'll look for you in my new book and get back to you on it..I'll betcha youre there. :)


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