Thursday, December 17, 2009

Connie Talbot

Now and then I'll stumble upon a video that makes me cry. This is one of those:

Of course, it touched my heart because she is only six years old and her voice is exquisite. But it's more than that, what does the future hold for this baby? If she were mine, I would be torn between sharing her gift with the world and saving her. I am frightened for her. Think, Britney Spears. Think Charlotte Church. She smiles at six. Will she smile at 16? Or at 26? If she were mine, I think I would say, "your loss, world, is my child's gain," share her with family and close friends and buy her a nice karaoke set.

But her mom did not choose that for her. So, I suppose she belongs to us now. Poor poor beautiful baby.


  1. Think Tiger Woods too. Here is what I wrote about child stars and Woods...

    But then...I like to remember the kids who came out okay. Michael J. Fox, Jodie Foster, Henry Thomas, Drew Barrymore (although she came close to losing ground), Kurt Russell...

    The little singer is really adorable isn't she? What pipes!

  2. I am immune from crying.

    I am immune from crying.

    I am immune from crying.....;-)

    If she gets the protection and guidance she will need she'll be fine.

    I hope.....

  3. Candy and Four, I sure hope she lives thru it all because she isnt going to have a normal childhood.

  4. Just gave my Jax a listen.

    "She's amazing! I remember her from Britains Got Talent. I hope her mum and dad are as good as mine"

    I will not cry....

    I will not cry....

    I will not cry....;-)

    You're ruinin' me street cred here yer know...;-)

  5. Yeah, yeah, kids are cute, but take another look at where she is in 20 years. Mine should have died before they became adults. But I guess you could say the same about me.

  6. Four, aww go ahead and cry..I read your post and need to admit I teared up. Bless her heart.

    Billy, Nah, I would miss you if you weren't here! But I agree about this little girl. I'm frightened for her.


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