Thursday, October 29, 2009

The ASOT Store

Today is my day off from the book store where I work. I often cram these days with various doings and today is no exception. After I have my bowl of cereal and wash the dishes, I'm going to go to the gym and put some extra time and energy in there. When I get home, I'll take a shower and probably vacuum the house. Then I have lunch plans with a friend. I need to run to the store after that to pick up some little necessities. Then I'm going to have some REAL fun; I am going to the ASOT Store.

ASOT stands for 'As Seen On Tv.' This is a relatively new store at our local mall, that carries only those things one can ordinarily only purchase though television ads. I know they carry what is called 'the Bumpit.' The bumpit volumizes the back of the hair so it looks something like this:

I am not going to buy one of these. It's supposed to give women the 60's look, a look of which I am not overly in love with. And anyway, I just usually back brush my hair to get just enough of a similar look:

I'm hoping, however, that the ASOT store carries a couple things I've seen advertised on tv that I would kind of like to try. One is this little thingy that, to me, looks like those disposable panty liners that we women like to use. But these have a totally different use. You rub them on your legs and they are supposed to leave your legs silky and smooth, a very very pretty look and feel. I really want some of those. I don't know why, exactly. But it sounds like a good thing.

Also I would like to see if they carry that cream that is given to movie stars in the little gift bag they receive when attending the academy awards. This cream works like a face lift. I like that idea, so I'll give it a try.

I wonder if they will carry 'snuggies.' These are blankets with sleeves. What a great idea! I might also find the one-of-a-kind swivel sweeper or the food containers that are guaranteed to keep food fresh..and edible..for up to 50 days. (That's almost two months! Who would even dare to try that food!)

This is kind of exciting. I'll see if I can take some photos while I'm there.


  1. Thats hilarious! I have ordered things off tv in the past...and they always were hideously cheap. I think it would be a hoot to see a whole store with the tv products! I've never heard of it or seen one. Let us know what it was like to be around all those products. The little leg smoother things sounds like exfoliation cloths of some kind. I use a cool little brush.

    Here is a picture of it...and I highly recommend's for the whole skin and body...makes arms feel amazing. Elbows knees's lovely!

  2. It must be good, Candy, because it's currently out of stock! The thing I'm interested in, and I'll go ahead and say it to you and only you, here, looks a lot like a micro mini sanitary napkin. I'll probably look like one big fool rubbing that on my legs, eh? :)

    I'll provide pictures later today.

  3. Hee hee! Thats funny. If it has any sort of sandpaper quality to the product you better be careful not to get it mixed up with your Fem Hy!


  4. ohyegods!!!!! And yes, I went, and yes I got photos and YES!!! Its micro sandpaper and I said "Nada" to it.

    Good grief, Candy! Youchhhhhieee!!

    (Wait a minute. Hmmm.....HMMMMM!!!)


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