Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Did you ever find yourself at life altering crossroads and you take your time and put in great thought as to which road you must travel and then suddenly, there appears a third road? And you find yourself in a quandary?

This has happened several times in my life. For instance, when I first became engaged to be married, I was almost simultaneously offered an opportunity to be lead teacher for a migrant camp Head Start in the Appalachians. it was a case of either/or and I was sincerely torn. I wanted that migrant camp so badly I ached, yet I wasn't ready to put aside my engagement. I put tremendous thought into this and with a heavy, heavy heart, I decided to stay put, stay with my Head Start position where I was, and get married.

Now I am a crossroad again. I won't go into detail about this except to say, another road has been offered to me. I have been offered a chance to live here for a while:


I do not know what to do, but boy, this looks good.


  1. Can you believe this? It would be for three to four years. We've had offers from hawaii and costa rica before, but this is the first one that made me sit back and hum.


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