Thursday, October 29, 2009

hyperlink test

This is simply a test. I've been trying to learn how to hperlink. Let's see if I can do it.

This is a great site

I think I did it....


  1. Yup, you did it, I used to teach computers (not that I'm as good as I once was) and could have told you how to do it sometime ago. In fact I posted on how to do it once. But old posts are just dust in the ruts of history as we hurtle through space into the future.

    Anyway, good job on learning. Now go cook something, ha ha ha. Bill

  2. I have enough trouble switching the bloody thing on!!! Technologically inept...that's me...;-)

  3. I had a friend go through with me on Yahoo Messenger one day and we spent like two hours practicing this hyper link stuff.. but then I found the little green guy on the posting page.. And figured out where to put my words where they were showing underlined for people to hit the link...

  4. little green guy? I don't see a little green guy! WHERE IS MY LITTLE GREEN GUY??!!!

  5. When you are in the new post area do you have a B for bold, and such?? Just wondering because that is where the little green buy with horns will be..


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