Sunday, October 25, 2009

Me and Cynthia

Well, my day got off to a bad start (see my post entry below) and a little worse when I discovered someone had broken my cordless house phone but then it got better, as usually happens. My best friend Cynthia phoned and wanted to get together. Any time I get together with this special lady, I'm happy.


Cynthia is a high school English teacher who is also a doctoral candidate. I am so very proud of her BUT!!! I've become a little jealous of the time she needs to dedicate to this Phd endeavor thingy. She doesn't have a lot of time left over for 'ME-AND-CYNTHIA' doings, and I do not like it one bit. I have taken to calling her dissertation "that stupid paper" but I say it with a smile and Cynthia laughs and thinks I'm just being funny. I'm not. I'm serious. I just don't let her know that.

Anyway, today Cynthia and I met at Barnes & Nobles, ran into a couple friends and had good conversation with good people. Then she and I rode down to just this side of the Florida line to feed a cat whose owner is on vacation. Cynthia had a total melt down because she couldn't find the place and she felt she was losing her mind. I finally convinced her that we didn't go far enough south and soon we did find it and fed the little kitty, which is actually a feral cat her friend had begun to feed.

On the way back, Cynthia had another melt down because she was afraid the cat would end up starving and dying over the winter. It took the entire trip home to convince her it doesn't get that cold in southern Alabama, even in winter months, and the cat will be just fine.

By the time we got back to our home town, I talked her into going clothes shopping with me. (I found some really nice fitting jeans!!) And then we went to Best Buy so I could purchase a new phone and she bought a couple CDs. So all in all, it ended up being a good afternoon.

Now you know what I'm going to do? I'm going to cook dinner. And then I'm washing dishes again. I may cordon off the kitchen afterward.


  1. Tell her cat's are survivors. Trust me I'm from Oldham...;-)

    Cats will be here when we are long gone. It's in their nature.

    Magnificent beasts.

    As for the kitchen. Razor wire?....;-)

  2. This is such a valuable friend for you.

  3. Oh Steve, she's wonderful. I am honestly blessed with this friendship.

    Four Dinners, I think I've convinced her. She was happy when we parted, at least.


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