Monday, October 12, 2009

Reminisce; Time to Say Goodbye.

I did a good job. And now, it's up to them.


  1. You do what you do babe. All you can do then is be there for them.

    They'll be fine.

    Trust me I'm from Oldham x

  2. awww thanks. How very sweet.

  3. Kids, I sure wouldn't want to raise anymore on this rock, I was a kid raising kids, in ways I'm still a kid.

    Ah, ya like Willie Nelson hey? Well, ya can't be all bad but I'll never smoke weed with Willy again, ha ha ha.

    Peaceful paths.

  4. Hahahahaa!! What a pleasant surprise to find you here, BBC!

  5. Gorgeous! They are absolutely beautiful!


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