Friday, October 9, 2009

For Sale; One Clump of Hair

I once read a news article about this person who ran an ad in a national paper. All it said was this:

"Hurry! Last chance to send in your $10! "

That was it. And you know what? That person received over $10,000 from strangers around the world who could not bear the thought of missing the deadline! More on this later. Just trust me that it will tie in, here.

I've been thinking about that this morning. To be honest, I hadn't thought of it for years but I saw this news story this morning on HLN. Apparently, some guy owns a piece of Elvis' hair from when it was buzzed for the army. He's going to auction it and hopes to get over $200,000, tho they predict he'll get something more on the line of $50,000. The story went on to tell of another guy who owns a piece of Michael Jackson's hair that had been burned off during that infamous Pepsi commercial fire. That guy is a little more inventive than the Elvis hair holder; he's having Michael's hair turned into diamonds (you can do that?? I had no idea!) so others can also own some of MJ's DNA.

Well, this sure did pique my interest because I have a lot of hair around here; cat hair, dog hair, my hair. I collect hair, I guess you could say, tho most of it is still in the drains. And I'm thinking, you know I could do this. I could sell my hair on E-bay! I don't even need to cut it. I'll just pull some out of the bath tub drain! If the guy who ran the ad I mentioned earlier can get $10,000 for NOTHING!, I surely could get, say, maybe $50 for SOMETHING! even if that 'something' might have a little soap scum on it.

So, I will let you know when I set up my E-bay account. I will post pictures here of my hair chunk that I will set on the auction block. Please, do not feel obligated to bid. No, no, I don't use my friends like that. But, if you are a stranger who just happened to wander in here through some obscure little webnet door, and you feel a need to own Beej's hair, well then, bids start at fifty cents.

And good luck to you.


  1. That is funny Beej. I have an ebay account. Now you have me thinking here.. LOL.. Ok Ok I am not going to sell my hair.. Now I could have sold Kora's hair when I chopped it off her head about 2 months ago. Not all of it. I just chopped enough for her to remember to brush each morning. Her hair was half way down her back.. She refused to brush it or let me do it.. So I put her hair in a pony tail and snipped above the holder.. Yes I am mean.. but it got my point across to her.

  2. a friend in my online bookclub says I should gather my hair from the drain, shape it to resemble a saint and sell it for mucho buckos on ebay..There's an idea for you, tweetey! Maybe we could even shape the soap scum on the hair from the drain to look like a dove, or a tear. Hey, we could get filthy rich!

  3. I bet you could find a steady customer base for hair. I bet there are people out there who collect hair...for all kinds of reasons.

    There used to be some artists who made art out of human hair. A couple seasons ago on Project Runway one of the designers made "fur" collars out of hair. Have you ever seen the movie "Fur" with Nicole Kidman and Robert Downey Jr?

  4. I saw a beautiful needle point at a Shaker restaurant years ago. It was over a hundred years old (it was on display at a little museum they had) and the hair was brittle and nasty, but it ws still fascinating.

    I'll check out the movei. I love both Kidman and Downey Jr. Thanks!

  5. I am personally acquainted with John Freyer of Iowa City, who auctioned off his life on ebay. He was a grad student, and he was not selling all of his houses, furniture, appliances, and stuff. A lot of people have done that. He was selling off the trivial. Ashtrays, scraps of paper, match books, old snapshots. He wrote a book about it.

    It can be done, Beej. Buena suerte.

  6. I clicked on that link, Steve, and at the bootom of THAT page was another link to what might be a little piece of his book which tells a bit about the item and then its destination. How funny! Who would ever think to auction a three-lb canned ham!


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