Monday, October 5, 2009

My Art; Baby Girl and her Doll

I Like to do needlework. And only because I have no shame, I am posting my latest work for y'all to awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwhowcute over.

Here's a close up of her face so you can see a little detail.


  1. She's beautiful. I havent figured out needlepoint yet. I do crochet and some knitting and trying to figure out how to close my knitting. I dont remember. Its been years since i made anything knitting..

  2. Your work is precious!And a lost past time. My mum used to do needle work and make little floorcloths. I love that you do this, this is the kind of work which is so satisfying for slowing racing thoughts and agitation, at least I find it so. I keep saying I should get some knitting needles. My daughter loves knitting...helped her quit smoking!

  3. Tweetey, I've seen a lot of your needle work on your site. And beautiful work, it is! I know you'll be really successful with your ebay business.

    Candy, I'm too busy to do much lately, but I do love it. Go get those needles! I bet you could do some incredible art designs with that.


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