Saturday, October 17, 2009

Body Pump

This is the class I usually take. It's called Body Pump. Some of y'all saw this video already when I posted it over at Constant Reader, but most of you have not. I'm telling you, after an hour of this, you KNOW you have worked out.

Body Pump is a world wide work out. Folks love it. I do too.

What really makes this very cool is that the music you hear in this video is the typical tempo for a Body Pump class, and more often than not, the trainer sings her instructions. It's just a very upbeat work out.


  1. You do this???? Did I say 'coward'?? No...erm...misspelt the'marvellous lady'...yes that was what I

  2. Lol. ok Four Dinners, I understand. I am the queen of typos, after all.

    Body pump is the bomb; it replaces the old body sculpting routine (which I was very caught up in for a oong long time) and it actually has the same effect as working on every single machine in a gym.


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