Monday, October 5, 2009

The Unicorn

Well, just as I'm pissing and moaning that nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I think I'll go eat worms, here comes my son and he has a little gift for me. It's a beautiful crystal unicorn encased in a glass cube.

Unicorns bear a special place in my heart. When I was in the fourth grade, I read a little short story by James Thurber called 'Unicorn in the Garden.' I was still young enough where sometimes I couldn't differentiate between reality and fantasy, I mean, sure, I knew Road Runner couldn't speed full force into a brick wall, ram his head into his chest, have it pop back out and, then, take on down the road again. But, a unicorn in the garden? Well, it seemed a perfectly possible thing. Or at least I wanted to to be true, because if that could happen to big Mr. Thurber, it very well might happen to little Miss Beej.

I began right then and there to collect unicorns. Lots and lots of them. Unicorns made out of every medium possible. I read books on them, drew them, I even did unicorn needlecraft.

I loved the idea of the unicorn as a symbol of purity. And did you know, if a unicorn is being hunted he will run until he sees a virgin and then he will stop and rest his head in her lap?

And I bet you didn't know that the unicorn saved the doves by letting them ride on his horn while he swam next to the ark. Reportedly, the doves did not have the strength to fly all that way.

ANYWAY, I collected unicorn everything for years and years. Then somewhere in the mid to late 80's, unicorns became THE thing to collect. So I stopped. It made me sad that something I loved so dearly was quickly becoming common place. I packed up all but two or three of my unicorns and there they are today, in various boxes in our storage shed.

When my son gave me this little gift, he said, "Mom, didn't you used to collect unicorns?" I had to smile. And now, I think I'm going to pull out all of my unicorns and display them. But in front of them all will sit this very very special unicorn, given to me by a very very special young man.


  1. That bottom photo I have one of those except mine has a wolf in it.. Arent children swee and they bring the best out in us. I like unicorns too but I have never collected. I am horrible for dusting and they would be ruined with my horrible dusting habits..

  2. Really wonderful. I love unicrons too...and I went through aphase of anything with a unicorn in it. Have you ever read "Not Wanted On The Voyage" by Timothy's dark and heavy but a truly different way of looking at the unicorn story. I am only half recommending it because it's so dark.

    I had a ridiculous imagination when I was a kid...I really wasn't sure what cartoons were...because I thought they were real. Like then I remember wondering if people were inside the cartoon characters, like ina costume. To this day...some place like Disney land that has adult size costumed cartoon characters almost freak me out and yet. ...I will hug them. No really, I'll hug Santa too even though I'm grown up!

    Now get day my girlfriend and I were driving around in north Toronto...through some countryside...and I thought I saw a unicorn. My friend was so sweet she actually pulled over so I could look at a pony laying down and I guess a branch from the tree was aligned with his head...and I was like a unicorn! She was a good sport huh? I still have a terribly hyper imagination! Boy have we laughed about that one.

  3. Tweetey. Dust? They need to be dusted?? Well, I will be darned!

    Candy, your story msade me laugh out loud! Thanks, I needed that.


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