Thursday, October 29, 2009


I am very excited because Monday at 7pm I start the first of Zumba dance classes. This is not to be confused with the samba lessons I'm going to take beginning in January, after the instructor finishes her certification program.

Here's Zumba class:

Man, I love that one woman's pink outfit. I need to find myself one like that.

The two ladies in the front are advanced instructors. And they are absolutely outstanding. Me? I'm going to fit right in with the ladies in the back, the ones wearing the gray shirts.


  1. Your dance classes are fabulous and inspiring.

    I usually am in a dance fave is hip hop. but I have taken jazz or hip hop in ages. I would have to break in all over again. But you really have inspired me...I'm going to look for registering this week for the winter.

    I also love going to Madonna night and Prince night. There is a club in boystown where once a month is a Prince or a Madonna night. They play their videos and the dance floor is packed and it's such a fun evening...everyone is so happy and having a blast.

  2. oh that sounds like fun! I wish we lived closer to one another, Candy. We would have sooo much fun taking these classes together!!!!

    Let me knowe when you register for a class. We'll compare notes.

  3. Yes...well...erm....quite...

    I like that!!!!!

  4. Hi Four Dinners, it looks like fun, doesn't it? I'll be posting about it, to be sure. If I'm totally wiped out, I'll tell all about it the next day. If I'm totally energized and psyched, I'm sure I'll be writing about it when I get home that evening.

    This physical activity is good for me. Otherwise I would be bouncing off walls around here.

  5. Bouncing off walls without socially sanctified activity like dance is not good! I am just too tired from this weeks excitement to bounce off walls. I'm dragging myself around here today. But maybe another good nights sleep and bouncing will be in my future. Yes, it would be awesome to take dance classes together. I've gone with girlfriends before and it's a lot more fun to have the company....but of course I am the clown. I always smash into the other dancers when I do water aerobics and hip hop.

  6. I have never tried dance classes but you know what the girls are in stuff at the Y. Why dont I use what we have already. I need to go bounce around for a while actually. I wonder if I should take Kora to go play Raquetball tonight or tomorrow..

  7. tweety, we could start a fitness club here! Wouldn't that be fun? I have never played Raquetball in my life. Maybe you can tell me what thats like?

  8. Have you ever played hand ball?? You take a ball the size of a tennis ball and a raquet like a tennis raquet and try to keep the ball moving. You have a room with four walls and you just try keeping the ball moving. Its great excercise.

    A fitness club there we go. I will go play raquetball 3 times a week while you go and do the dancing and Candy can do her thing and we can come home and talk about it.. sounds like fun.. I am not making fun of it. I have my hubby to play with us or my eight year old daughter who loves to try also..

    Candy what do you think????


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