Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Unicorn Tattoo;

I must have been dreaming of tattoos last night because I awoke with the regret that I never had one. Both of my children have tattoos. I'm really not thrilled about this. My daughter has her name tattooed on her wrist, which I wish she hadn't done. My son has several tattoos, most of which make me shudder. For instance, he had a tiny M placed behind each ear. These are the initials of one of his girlfriends. She broke up with him the day after he got these. I've told him to get an 'o' tattooed on the back of his neck. M...O...M stretched out is much better that M.......M. But he ignored me and had a card suit tattooed over the M's instead.

Anyway, I almost got a tattoo a while back. I wanted a tiny unicorn tattooed on the back of one of my shoulders, nothing awful like this:

but more on the line of this:

I even made an appointment to have this done, but my husband totally freaked out.

"You will not mar your body like that!" was his firm, unwavering response.

We had several extremely heated arguments over this, which finally culminated in the threat that if I went ahead and did this, I could find somewhere else to live. It got that bad. I doubt he would have acted on that threat, but regardless, I never got one even tho, as he stated, it's 'my body.'

This all went on years and years ago. And I still have no pretty unicorn sitting just below my shoulder. But I woke up this morning with the realization that



  1. Oh gee. Thats a tough situation. It's interesting how people without tattoos spend a lot of time worrying about tattoos. The people who have them are usually so excited and cheerful about tattoos. We're a funny animal. There are some things when a spouse says a line we just kind of have to live with huh? It's for the sake of peace and that is a good thing. It's also interesting that some people feel tattoos are a mar of the body. meanwhile mother nature is pretty good at changing the body with wrinkles and freckles and scars.

    I confess though that most of my ideas for tattoos have been in hindsight really corny or funny. Like I once wanted a rocket ship. A wolf. I mean how corny are those ideas. The latest idea for a tattoo...and I think it would be a really beautiful idea is fireworks. I have a friend and her mother who are getting firework tattoos this month. Right down the street from us is an internationally reknowned tattoo shop. In fact, one of the artists is on the reality show "L.A. Ink".

    I don't like needles. Another funny aspect about tats. Needles are not fun...I'm afraid of the pain of a tattoo. But almost everyone I know has at least three tats.

  2. All I want is one itsy bitsy teeny tiny unicorn. I'm pretty sure I can sneak and get away with it.

  3. If you really want it, do it.
    I always wished I'd had the courage to get the only type of tattoo that I really really like. Unfortunately, in what was my line of work this would have been a complete no no. I adore the abstract tattoos of the Pacific Islands, no colour, just plain black lines, absolutely beautiful works of art but no I did not indulge in one when I was there. For the not so in the closet Trekkie in me there is only one tattoo to have - you know Dax, the Trill, the woman with the tattoo spots down her hairline and neck - yep that would have been me! I just think they are stunning.


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